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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly of Leveling Up

Everyone loves leveling up, it is probably the single biggest highlight of a D&D game. You get new feats and ability score improvements, more hps, more spells, proficiency bonus increases, new class features, all the good stuff. But what does … Continue reading

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Elgian has run out of sight to the north. Damien Martikoff calls for the group to help put out the winery’s fire, saying that “the boys” will find Elgian. Those who need healing are healed and we join the bucket … Continue reading

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Doppelganger – Priests of Deceit

Here are a couple of Doppelgangers Priests of Deceit that my group ran into. They travel the land spreading chaos and confusion. Darcous: Doppelganger – 3rd level Priest of Deceit Medium monstrosity (shapechanger) Chaotic Evil AC: 16 (studded leather + … Continue reading

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