DnD 5e you have questions we….errr Jeremy Crawford has answers!

One of the great things about twitter and modern D&D is that when you are confused about a rules meaning or wording you can just ask the designers for clarification. Of course the designers get a lot of questions so save everyone check if your question has already been answered before asking. Go to twitter and in the search bar type what you want to search for followed by from:JeremyECrawford. If you wanted to search for wild shape size restrictions you could enter:

wild shape size from:JeremyECrawford

You would quickly find:

Wow Wild Shape is crazy! What can’t a Druid do these days!

Sorry Druids, what can you say. Well you might as well include Mike Mearls in your search, he is another designer for D&D who answers questions:

wild shape from:mikemearls OR from:JeremyECrawford

Also check out the pdf of compiled answers from WOTC: http://media.wizards.com/2016/downloads/DND/SA-Compendium.pdf

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