Frogs and Toyja pods

Upon returning to the Helping Hand Adda asked Felicia if she would check on Kosef and make sure he was not injured. Felicia said she would check on him and asked if they would be interested in retrieving some of the black toyja pods and a giant frog from across the summer bridge. Dagmar also have Adda a notice for Kosef which she placed in his room by his bed.

Around midday Adda, Murf, and Talia heading for the summer bridge by way of the river. As they crossed the bridge they heard the soft sound of a bell and a crusty looking dwarf with an eye patch scrambled out from under the bridge to block their path. He asked for gold for the bridge maintenance and after some negotiation they agreed to pay 4 gp for round trip passage across the bridge.

After crossing the bridge the road continued through a narrow stretch with a few building which looked to be maintained along the side of the road. A feeling of being watched crept over the group so they investigated the nearby building. After looking at the front of the building and seeing a solid door and lower windows which had been bricked up Talia tried to climb to the second story windows but could not climb the weather smoothed stone. Around the side of the building Adda helped Talia up the 3m wall. At the top she could see a large well kept garden on the inside. At the window a Halfling appeared with a large crossbow. Murf cast sleep on the window and head the sounds of others inside the building falling asleep. The halfling’s skin at the window turned into what looked like wood and she told them to stop and they did.

They continued to the swamp area and found the tree with black toyja pods. While Murf collected the pods a large frog moved to the bank and grabbed Talia with its tongue. Adda raged and rushed forward striking the frog with her axe. Talia tried to stab the frog but couldn’t get her arms free as it bit her repeatedly. Then it turned and dove into the water. Adda tried to hit it as it did but she slipped in the mud. The frog and Talia disappeared under the murky water but suddenly tendrils of black green energy momentarily erupted from the waters surface grasping for living beings. Then Talia splashed to the surface and the frog floated to the surface unmoving.

With Talia safely back on shore and Murphy carrying a bundle of toyja pods the group noticed something large swimming toppers them under the water. Adda healed Talia and managed to grab the dead frog while Murf kept the giant snake at bay.

The group hurriedly left the water, returning to the road and making there way back to the Helping Hand.

Upon returning to the Helping Hand the group spoke with Kosef and Grisha who had found him in an abandoned building and brought him to the Helping Hand.

Talia made her way to the Temple of Elil to say goodbye to Loru and Garfin.

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