The Book

Talia made her way to the Temple of Elil. As she entered a priest greeted her and asked whom she was here to mourn. When she mentioned Loru and Garin he motioned for a priestess who asked to speak with her for a moment. She lead Talia into a small office like room down the set of stairs.

“You are a friend of Loru and Garfin and no others have come forth to mourn them.”

She pulled two packs from behind the desk placed them in front of Talia.

“Please choose what you will leave with them for their journey onward. These will determine the choices they have for their journey, choose carefully.”

Talia looked over the items, the rapier, ocarina, Garin’s long sword, and decided to leave all their items with them. The priestess nodded in approval and thanked Talia.

She lead Talia to the lower level where the bodies rested on raised stone slabs and left. After standing quietly near the bodies for a few moments Talia removed her book from her pack and placed it on the stone slab, she then pulled the crystal from around her neck and stabbed it into the book. The crystal struck the book and sunk into it and arcane runes appeared across the cover of the book from the crystal. Then Talia declared she wanted nothing to do with this book, or its powers. Suddenly the room darkened as a gust of air extinguished the candles in the room. A figure of a tall woman dressed in a flowing gown made of leaves appeared floating above the body and the book. Her presence overwhelming and terrifying. Looking down at Talia with a scrawl.

“You dare renounce The Dawn Lady? You will not be given another chance!”

Talia responded yes and the crystal fell to the stone as the book and the Lady disappeared. Light returned to room but the candles seemed to flicker for a minute. Then Talia heard another voice, a deeper darker voice.

“There are others choices, join the Dun Lord”

The room returned to normal, the reddish glow from the lanterns and orange glow of the candles dimly lighting the room. Talis took her crystal and placed it on Loru’s body and left the temple.

She and Adda made their way to the Temple of Nian for the evening.

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