Druid Wild Shape

Know Beast Shapes:
Starting with 3 at 2nd level and +1/level after.

Shape limits:
Nothing smaller than a Rat, crab or small bird.

Learning a new Beast Shape:
To learn a new best shape the druid must spend 24 hours living with a wild beast in its natural environment. It can be difficult to find animals which will allow the druid to live among them for this time. This can be aided by magical means such as animal friendship. After 24 hours the druid must make an animal handling (Wis) check with the DC 10 + the animals CR. If the check succeeds the druid can begin crafting a magical effigy of the creature. This must be made from something from the animals lair or the area where they live and it must resemble something about the beast. An appropriate crafting check must be made to complete the effigy. The DC 10 + the animals CR and takes one day to complete. If the druid uses tools they are proficiency with they can add their proficiency bonus to the role. If they use a part of animal they have an advantage on the role, examples of usable parts are fur, bone, teeth or horn. If the check is failed the materials are destroyed but the druid can try again after a long rest. If the effigy is ever lost or destroyed the druid cannot use this best shape until they make a new effigy with the same requirements. They do not need to repeat the first step of the process again. A new Beast Shape can be learned at anytime but a druid can only have a number of effigies up to their max known Beast Shapes.

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