Elgian has run out of sight to the north. Damien Martikoff calls for the group to help put out the winery’s fire, saying that “the boys” will find Elgian. Those who need healing are healed and we join the bucket line, Elmer using thaumaturgy to reduce the flames. Within ten minutes the fire has largely been contained. There has been damage, but at least the ceiling hasn’t collapsed.

Another ten minutes passes and one of the children (Martin) comes running back, saying that they followed Elgian but a group of Vistani caught him first. They seem to be heading to the winery. Olana, Elmer, and Corrina immediately hide nearby. Corrina tries talking to some ravens nearby. They seem uncomfortable when she asks about wereravens. Mondross hides the Sunsword under his shirt and Elmer picks up the Druid’s quarterstaff and wraps it up in some cloth as the ravens squawk uncomfortably.

Five minutes pass before Arrigal approaches on a horse accompanied by two others on wolves. Elgian is slumped over the front of his horse and Arrigal holds a sword to his throat. He demands the Sunsword in exchange for Elgian’s return. After a few ill-fated attempts to mess with Arrigal, Mondross takes the Sunsword out and Arrigal lowers Elgian to the ground as he hops off his horse. He tells his companions to shoot the halfling should we try anything.

As Arrigal approaches Mondross, Corrina smacks one of the wolves with mage hand, disorienting the rider, and Elmer casts scorching ray on the other rider, lighting her ablaze. Mondross rushes past Arrigal and slashes at the first rider with the Sunsword, the wolf biting down on his arm as he tries to follow up with a stab. He manages to break free.

Arrigal calls us foolish and calls for the wolves to attack Elgian. As they do a large raven flies down and turns into a Martikoff lad, guarding Elgian. The wolves bite him instead. Arrigal turns to attack Mondross, but Mondross throws some serious shade, causing Arrigal to miss.

Desperate, Corrina drinks one of the potions we found in Argynvosholt. Her skin turns to an iron-like substance as she runs toward the fight. Elmer jumps down the rope from his hiding spot on the second story, screams at Arrigal, and shoots him with his crossbow. Olana casts ray of sickness, but Arrigal manages to avoid it. She flips him off as he chuckles and says, “so this is where you’ve been hiding.”

Arrigal slashes at Mondross, knocking him unconscious and causing him to drop the Sunsword. He picks it up and hops on his horse, calling for the wolves to guard him. Corrina casts Thunderwave, killing the remaining wolf rider and knocking Arrigal off his horse. Elmer takes out the quarterstaff and whacks Arrigal with it. He immediately feels a pulse of energy, starts cackling, and wanders off. Olana casts chill touch on Arrigal and shouts “How do you like me now, bitch?” Ada slashes at Arrigal as he hops back onto his horse. He returns the attack as he rides off and her arm immediately starts to burn. She collapses as the sensation spreads.

Corrina rushes after Arrigal and shoots at him. The Martikoff lad turns into a half-raven half-human creature and flies after Arrigal. Four more raven creatures fly out of the winery building and give chase, pecking at him with their monstrous beaks. Olana hurls a fire bolt at Arrigal. Elmer cackles. Arrigal orders the wolves to kill Corrina, but she dodges both of their attacks and manges to shoot Arrigal once more, causing him to fall off his horse, dead.

After making one more round of attacks and being attacked in return, the wolves run off after the horse. Corrina runs up to Arrigal’s body and takes the Sunsword and his poisoned sword. The raven creatures turn back into Martikoffs. Olana really wants that horse, but cannot catch up to it. She slaps Elmer to try and stop his cackling. Corrina snatches the quarterstaff from Elmer and breaks it. An inhuman scream echoes through the land. After about ten minutes Elmer finally calms down.

Olana and the Martikoffs build Arrigal a funeral pyre in as disrespectful a manner as possible, then the Martikoffs take us into the building. After a few hours Elgian, Mondross, and Ada wake up on their own. Damien Martikoff says, “Your intentions are good. Perhaps not your methods.” He goes on to tell us that the Martikoffs are the Keepers of the Feather and confirms that they are indeed Wereravens. He then tells us about three magical gems which they need to grow the grapes for wine. One was stolen by Baba Lasaga, another by the druids of Yesterhill. They do not know what happened to the third.

We learn that the remaining wine has been poisoned and we decide to stay the night so that Elmer can purify them in the morning. When the wine is purified it is given to us to deliver to whomever we decide. We load up a wagon and decide to take Ireena to Kresk. Before we head out we decide to help the Martikoffs repair some of the damage to their home. As we do the winery is once again attacked, this time by scarecrows. We make short work of them, again with the aid of fire. We rest the remainder of the day.

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