The Restless Plains

As nightfall approached the party discussed making some sort of accommodations for the night. Seeing no obvious establishments Oliver made his way to one of the few structure around The Oasis, a simple building made of packed dirt and stone. A young girl with disheveled hair and dirt on her hands and face played out front. She asked if Oliver was new and if he would go see the dwarves. She showed him a small green stone which she said was from the dwarves that her mother had given her. Her mother came to the door and Oliver asked if they could sleep under their roof. She seemed friendly at first but after taking a closer look at the group she abruptly said sorry, picked up her daughter and closed the door.

Instead the group setup a small camp near The Oasis. Valraven and Myrtha prepared some simple but rather tasty food and the four travelers settled down for the night. A caravan had made camp nearby and their voices could be heard drifting by on the warm breeze. A teenage boy approached the camp interrupting Shivers as she chatted away. He offered to sell some healing paste for ten gold pieces. Oliver negotiated the price down to eight and purchased the salve. The boy also asked if they planned to travel to New Ordan, and said his father was interested in Helinite crystals if they acquired any. He showed them a small crystal which glowed every so slightly of white magic when Oliver looked at it using his incantations.

After several hours Valraven sat awake keeping watch over the camp as the others slept. The melodic sound of chirping insects was broken by sudden footsteps behind him as a woman rushed out of the darkness with a wooden club. Valraven could only manage to dodge slightly as the swinging club glanced off the side of his skull, immediately the warm flow of blood ran down the side of his face. He staggered to his feet drawing two daggers defensively as the woman cursed under her breath. The man who Myrtha had been gambling with early appeared from behind a nearby tree and and attempted to grab Valraven by the head. Valraven’s voice woke Oliver from his light sleep, he grabbed his sword and sprang to his feet. Valraven and Oliver managed to injury both the humans and with the rest of the party awake they retreated back into the darkness.

After treating Valraven’s laceration the party managed to find a bit more sleep before the blazing sun woke them. They left the Oasis traveling South along the road towards the hills in the distance. After a full day of travel and with nightfall approaching the party found a shell of a building with a dried up well and decided to spend the night there. A few hours after nightfall Myrtha was keeping watch when she heard a scuttling sound from the plains, coming into her view two dog sized scorpions scurried across the open ground into the building opening. She managed to crack one with her mace but it grabbed her leg with its pincer. The party woke from her cry for help scrambled to their feet. As they attacked the giant scorpions an arrow streaked out of the darkness into the building. Peering out into the darkness Shivers could see a hunched humanoid with a bow taking aim again. The scorpions fell quickly to the parties combined attacks but not before one managed to jab Oliver in the leg with its stinging tail. Oliver brought the last one down with an two-handed overhead strike from his sword. As he did a slight glow engulfed his sword and his eyes seems to glow a demonic red. The humanoid retreated back into the darkness after exchanging fire with the party.

As the group tended their wounds and recovered from the fight Myrtha took a moment to reach out to Lel for guidance and sensed a subtle fiendish presence among them…

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