In Search of Erika

After a restful night at the Helping Hand Kosef was the first to wake. After preparing his equipment for the day he removed a small piece of paper from his belt and held it over the candle at the side burns letter he found with the name of Daria Wynn.

At breakfast the party discussed what to do next and decided Grisha would speak with animals to try and help in the search for Erika Brandwell.

After leaving the Helping Hand the party made their way to the Temple of Elil. Kosef entered and explained he would like to see his friend Grisha, a priestess dressed all in black led him below the chamber Talia has seen the bodies in to a lower chamber, a room with 3 small benches overlooking a floor covered in small white pebbles. The walls were covered in strange murals of wavelike patterns. After saying a few words Kosef left a gold coin and returned to the surface.

While Kosef was in the Temple of Elil, Grisha stepped off the street into an abandoned building and meditation for a few minutes began listening to the birds around him. Soon he held out some hard bread from his rations and spoke to a bird nearby. He asked if it had seen a human woman leaving the city to the northwest and offered it bread, the bird flew off to the northwest and was not seen again.

After Kosef emerged the Temple of Elil the group headed west across the city to the Weaving River. There they followed the a train along the river northwest. As they did Grisha turned into a Wolf and began searching for the scent of Erika while Adda and Kosef searched for tracks on the trail. Eventually Grisha was able to detect Erika’s sent along with very a very faint scent of blood on the trail. Grisha again spoke with animals and several birds responded to his questions of finding buildings, however there were many old buildings along the trail and the one the bird lead them to didn’t contain anything more than the remains of a campfire from many months ago. However Adda noticed several tracks on the trail, eventually determining that most of the tracks were their own from several days ago but she found an older bare-food track as well. Eventually Adda noticed the bare-food track turned off the trail into a small abandoned town. Turning off the trail the party made there way onto a cobblestone road which lead into a the central plaza of a long abandoned town. Grisha spoke with some Reavets near by and they led him to one of the more together buildings near the square. Kosef and Adda had found the building as well, the entrance was blocked by a bush which had grown out of the cobblestone. The bushed had some limbs broken and inside the building were the signs of recently used small camp with a single makeshift bed made of leaves. However it looked like it had not been used in a few days. The Reavet told Grisha that the human had left the same way she had come and motioned back towards the train.

The small dragon in Talia’s cloak had awoken from a nap and became more curious about what everyone was doing. It began flying to and fro smelling the air and the trail. In the building it smelled the camp area and decided it didn’t want to continue looking for the trail. Talia sensed fear from the small beast but she convinced it to continue to help search for the scent.

After returning to the main trail and turning right the party found the scent and tracks were more fresh and easier to follow. Eventually they lead to the gravel shore of the lake, there it appeared a small rowboat had been dragged up onto the shore. However the boat was no longer there and could be seen on the shore of the island. Adda and Kosef decided to scout the lake shore and continued around the lake. As they moved around the lake staying out of view from the island they noticed several creatures flying above the island. They seemed to be similar but one was larger than the other two. They seemed to randomly patrol above the ruined keep on the island and around the lake shore.

After about an hour they found themselves on the edge of a small swamp. They had taken a few steps to many and were already up to their knees in mud and water. Sudden movement caught their attention as a large creature was moving under the water towards them. Kosef quickly grabbed Adda and tried to pull her away from the water but the effort just caused his feet to push farther into the muck. A huge crocodile burst from the water biting Kosef around the waste and pulling him deeper into the water. Adda raged after the beast and slashed it with her great ax as Kosef jabbed it with his two swords. As the beast trashed from the pain its thick tail, covered in spine like scales gashed across Adda. She ignored the pain and continued her attack as Kosef managed to pry himself free of the crocodiles maw with his blade. Badly hurt and without a tasty meal in its mouth the huge reptile turned and fled back into the water. Adda and Kosef quickly moved out of the swamp and made their way back to camp. Adda channeled healing energy to cure her wounds and the wounds of Kosef. Back at camp Grisha produced more good berries to feed and heal the rest of Adda’s injuries.

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