The Boar of Varrngan

Rakham spent the previous day creating a set of studs for his leather armor. He purchased the materials needed and was able to create all the studs. In the morning Rakham continued his work at Ilka’s blades on converting his leather armor to studded leather made some progress.

Talia attended class at the temple of Nian with Kalpana while Adda trained with Arnaka. After class Adda ran into Dagrun who was lingering in the hallway. She recommend he try becoming a healer when he mentioned how he wanted to become one. He seemed very excited by this idea and ran off to speak with Arnaka or Idunn Kanta’lil.

At midday the party met at the Helping Hand and Grisha lead them back to the house where he found Kosef. In the main room there was only a wooden box with some scattered toys, one of the a doll dressed as a member of the Tri-hill patrol. Talia also found a brown cloak and shirt with the Tri-hill patrol emblem on it which she took.

While Adda and Rakham made there way into the cellar, Talia heard a sound from the back room. She quietly moved down the hallway and observed a dog like creature licking the dried blood from the the mattress. She returned to the main room while Grisha recited some form of ritual.

The cellar looked like it had not been used for a long time. A few empty crates and a barrel lined the walls. The ceiling however had runes drawn in some kind of dried blood in a large circle. It looked like it had created semi-recently. The floor showed some recent disturbances but no one investigated them throughly.

George started yapping and Grisha stopped his ritual as George rushed to Grisha’s side. The party waited quietly in the building as an older man with a walking stick moved past the building.

The smaller room contained a bunk bed also covered in blood. Another small box of toys contained a small horse and cart as well as a stuffed animal in a form similar to the animal Grisha had guarding the door. Talia took them.

The larger bedroom floor and mattress was covered in dried blood. It appeared that all personal goods had been removed. Tracks could be seen in the blood and after much searching the group was able to identify a single set of bare foot tracks in blood leading away from the room and out of the building to the left.

Grisha changed into a large black wolf and smelled the pillows and was able to identify a scent on one of the pillows, as well as the cloak which Talia had found. It was also on the tracks leading out of the building but could not be followed on the recently rain cleaned stone street outside.

The party returned to the Helping Hand and then Talia lead them to find Taegan. After an hour of wondering in a circle a Boar lead them to the glen where they met with Taegan previously. Several other boars and sows and piglets roamed the grassy hillside nearby. Talia knocked on the door and Teagan emerged followed by the enormous boar. Talia told him that the hunt would occur in 3 days. He said that was good, there was still enough time to prepare. He would protect the boars of this area but was concerned about the boars in the old city.

He then asked the group to follow as he followed a small path leading out of the glen to the north. Teagan lead the group out of the glen and through a long abandoned part of the city eventually leading them to a small hill with what looked like an ancient temple at the top. Its circular walls build with large stones still standing although many parts had broke away and lay scattered around the hill. Above the entrance to the temple a large circle area was noticeable empty, now just smoothed stone.

As they group approached a deep breathing could be heard from inside and at the entrance Taegan reached into his shirt and grasped the stone hanging from his neck, mutter a few words. As the rest of the party gathered around they could see a creature sleeping in the center of the round stone walls taking up almost all of the same. A giant boar like creature unlike anything they had seen or heard of before. It’s tusks were longer than Talia. Its enormous body covered in coarse black hair which raised and lowered with its breathing as it slept.

Taegan explained that this was a remnant of Varrngan, the forgotten god.

“I fear if the balance is upset he will awaken bringing chaos and destruction to Tordan. This is why you must make sure the boar hunt does not upset the natural balance.”

“Since Lord Dorgan began the hunt fifteen years ago the harmony of nature has been challenged and is beginning to shift.”

After discussing the creature the party walked back to Taegan’s hovel but before leaving Grisha and Taegan paid there respects to the creature. Upon returning to Teagan’s hovel Grisha also asked if he could come and spend time with the boars here which Teagon replied.

“They are beasts of free will, if they accept you, you are welcome”

Talia asked told Taegan if he knew of the pool to the south and that the Dawn Lady had guided her here. Taegan chuckled and stroked his beard with his cloven hands before speaking.

“The pool may guide you to the Ward King but not the Lady of the Dawn. Trust not in the Fey, they are chaotic and whimsical with their own agendas and goals. They give nothing without cost. Stay clear of the Dun Lord.”

With that the party returned to the Helping Hand as the sun began to approach the horizon and dusk settled on Tordan.  After visiting Kosef in the Helping Hand, Talia and Add set off to the Temple of Nian. On the way they noticed three new posters on the wanted board. All three looked familiar. They immediately made there way back to the Helping Hand and notified Rakham.

In the morning Rakham went and commissioned a new set of clothing and a haircut and then worked at Ilka’s blades on paid working, paying for his space for the day and pocketing a few gold for himself. Ilka had more work in the coming days as well, they had received a large order and were currently making spear heads.

Talia and Adda trained at the temple in the morning with Arnaka. They were also joined by Dagrun. Early in the morning a woman came in with a deep puncture wound in her side. Arnaka sprang into action assigning tasks for everyone as they got her on the medical table.  Adda was able to heal her to prevent further blood lose. Then Arnaka showed how to apply the bandages and the woman and two men who had brought her in left the medical room and met with someone else from he temple. Then Arnaka lead the group in some ritual and prayers which Talia grasped rather quickly. Dagrun didn’t seem to make much progress much to his disappointment. He did seem rather distracted through the morning which could have been the cause for his lack of learning.

The party regrouped at The Helping Hand near midday to prepare to return to the island…






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