Death March

As the party prepared to carry the bodies of Loru and Gerfin from the tunnels Rakham noticed the one of the unexplored tunnels led to a small dugout chamber covered with small bones, old cloth and leather. He searched the small nest and found a few coins and three gems. Then the party managed to carry the bodies out of the tunnels and back into the sunlight. After laying the bodies in the abandon building they discussed what to do next. As they did they heard the sounds of feet walking down the street towards them. A group dressed in alternating black and white robes carrying two stretchers approached. They said they were from the Temple of Elil and were here to take the bodies.

Rakham threatened them with his crossbow and said they could not have the bodies but they persisted and Rakham attacked. Adda was already seriously injured and stayed out of the conflict. Murf frightened three of the humans forcing them to run off but they soon returned. One of the priests conjured forces which held Murph in place. Adda picked him up under her arm and began carrying him towards the temple. Rakham continued the skirmish after being forced to flee temporarily by a magical command from one of the priests. His attacks on the head priestess seemed to injury her but the others were quick to heal her. As the situation escalated the priests and priestesses began attacking Rakham with puffs of greenish flames that burned his chest and face. Eventually, filled with angry and grief Rakham abandoned the bodies and headed towards the Merchant’s friend ignoring his companions along the way.

Rakham went and broke into Gerfin’s room at the Merchant’s Friend and then returned to the helping hand. There Falicia healed him and after eating some food he noticed a bard sitting at a table. Rakham gave him a gold and told him not to play here tonight.

The rest of the party passed the east market on the way to the Temple of Nian. Talia checked the posters and found out that the hunt would take place in 6 days night. At the temple of Nian Adda, Murph and Talis went into the prayer courtyard and Adda prayed while Murph slept. Talia met Dagham and asked him about location of the Temple of Elil. He said it is a blocky stone building with alternating black and white stones around the entry way just north of the central square. She told him to tell Adda that she was going to the Helping Hand and then she set off to the Temple of Elil.

At the temple Talia gave the names of Loru and Gerfin and said she was a friend. A priestess noted the names in a large tome. Another priestess led Talia down two levels to a large chamber with 9 raised stone slabs. The bodies of Loru and Garin lay on two of them and three other bodies occupied other stones. The air was thick with incense and candles and a reddish glow from lanterns on the walls. After spending a few minutes near the half-elf bodies she listened to the other mourners near the three bodies, one man and two children. The man was dressed in a uniform with the symbol of the three hills on it. The man mourning bore a resemblance to the body.

After finishing her prayers Adda and Murf returned to The Helping Hand. Adda spoke with Rakham but he had not seen Talia and wanted to be left alone. Murf sat down with a bowl of soup and quickly learned how to use a spoon. A bit later Talia returned and bathed in the washroom. Adda inquired about Kosef with Dagmar… After eating everyone turned in for the night after a long joyless day.

The next morning Rakham went to Ilka’s Blades and was able to do some work for her earning 2 GP, one which went towards renting the space. He also started working on designs for a folding crossbow.

Adda awoke early and went to the Temple of Nian. During the morning lecture Arnaka recruited her to help with an injured man and later she was approached by Idunn Kanta’lil who asked to speak in private. Idunn quickly led Adda to a small office asked what should would like to focus on and Adda said healing people in need.

Adda and Rakham returned to the helping hand where Talia and Murph has spent the morning. Talia asked if she could take the group to see Loru and Gerfin’s bodies.

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