Darkness in the tunnels

Dagmar gave Talia the note that Rakham left for her. After changing her appearance she headed to the abandon plaza and head the voices of the party in an abandon building.

After the group crawled out of a trapdoor they found themselves in one of the abandoned houses near the old well. Talis soon found the party and joined them as they retraced the steps of the first Zel they had encounter several nights ago. They entered the building the Zel had retreated into in the darkness and searched the building for tracks. Searching the old stone floor they found several marks where the moss had been disturbed leading towards one of the walls. As Talia moved to the wall to search it she noticed a different sound as she stepped on the ground. The party searched the ground and found a wooden door covered with dirt and rocks. Opening it they descended into the tunnel below.

In a maze of corridors they saw light coming from one of tunnels to the left. It was a small dugout passageway which looked to lead to back to the sunlight. Past that they found collapsed part of a tunnel. Upon further investigating it looked like the tunnel had been filled with stone from buildings to block the passageway. Rakham, Adda and Murph investigated the ruble pile and began moving rocks to clears some space on the top of the pile. After a few minutes there was enough space for Murph push through and view the other side. It was a similar passageway but he could see strands of silk attached to some of the rocks they had been moving. As they worked they never realized that they were about to be ambushed.

As the back of the group Gerfin noticed something in the shadow behind the group as he and Loru watched the rear passageway. As Adda and Rahkam continued moving rocks the sound of something clicking and growling could be heard from the back. A terrible looking insect-like creature with pincers and huge eyes rushed the rear of the party attacking ferociously.

Gerfin and Loru were first to feel dread and hate coming from the creature as it rushed forward mandibles and pinches gnashing. Gerfin froze in terror and collapsed. The creature rushed past Gerfin and crashed into Loru, biting and clawing as it knocked him to the ground. Murph cast a sleep spell behind the creature but it seemed to have no affect. Even though the party was at a disadvantage fighting this ferocious creature in the small tunnels, they managed to nearly slay the beast but just before that one of the group noticed Gafin’s unmoving body being dragged away into the darkness by a familiar triangle shape headed humanoid. It had wrapped a cord around Gerfin’s neck and was now dragging him away from the party. Loru turned and rushed after, as he ran past the small tunnel on the side of the passageway a Zel stepped out behind him and stabbed him in the back and with that one blow set him to the ground. It then grabbed his unconscious body and dragged it away from the group. Talia rushed forward and sent forth an a electrical blast into Loru and the Zelg which caused the creature to dropped Loru and retreat.

By this time Rakham and Adda managed to kill the creature insect like creature. The remaining party split into two groups. Talia, Murph and (for a moment) Adda tried to help their dying friend while Rakham gave chase after the Zels and Gerfin. Adda knelt at Loru’s side and tried to focus her energy on healing him but there was too much blood. As Talia continued trying to stop Loru’s bleeding Adda joined Rakham and changed after the creature whom had taken Gerfin.

As Murph and Talia leaned over Loru’s body they tried focus on their patrons and ask for help. The wound was too deep, Loru had lost too much blood too quickly. Loru coughed and blood sprayed from his lips. His eyes opened, his distant stare looking past Talia at the ceiling.

“Well.. I think that’s it for me then. At least I did what I came for. Thanks guys. It was a pleasure. Take care of the kid. I like her smiles”

As the blood dripping from the corners of his mouth he continued.

“Gerfin, let him keep the rapier, it was our father’s you know. And the ocarina too. And tell Kosef i’m sorry but i won’t be able to keep the promise. Rest of you will do fine. Maybe except Murph. My family… Here i go…”

With a laugh and another cough his body went limp as the pool of blood beneath him grew.

Rakham caught up with the Zel and it dropped Gerfin’s body and ducked around the corner. Rakham peered around the corner with his heavy crossbow but the Zel was right there waiting for him. It attacked with a sword as Rakham fired his crossbow but both missed. Both then retreated and did so again but this time the Zel rushed past Rakham and climbed up a tunnel in the ceiling and out of view.

Meanwhile Adda heard a sound as another Zel approached behind her, she turned around and hit it with her hand ax twice. As it fled Rakham fired a crossbow bolt into its back and it fell to the ground.

The searched the passageway on the right and found Rakham’s things as well as his hunting trap which was set and snapped on his arm. Also some coins were found. They took Gerfin’s body back to the rest of the party and Loru’s body.

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