A Tordan Night

After meeting Adda at the temple of Nian the party returned to the friendly confined of the Helping Hand for food and drinks. Having a couple of drinks and a hearty meal the group decided to go investigate the Well that they had seen in the abandoned Plaza the previous day. It was already dark as the group left the Helping Hand. The street called the Weeping Hill circle was empty as they made their way west. The darkness of night only illuminated by the occasional lantern hanging off the stone wall that separates the Weeping hill from the rest of Tordan.

Turning left down a smaller abandoned street the silence of the night was even more noticeable. The only sounds were that of boots on cobble stone and the insects which chirped quietly in the distance. At the Well the faint sounds of flowing water could be heard to the southwest and Kosef caught another sound on the breeze, the sound of something moving. Rakham investigated the interior of the Well but it looked undisturbed with moss growing in the cracks of the stone. The sound that Kosef hear earlier was suddenly much louder as something approached from an alley to the west. As Rakham moved forward to prepared his bear trap a strange looking lizard nearly the size of a horse rushed out of the darkness. Its heavy body covered in large scales, its feet webbed, a long thick tail trailing behind it and its narrow mouth was filled with thin sharp teeth. As they would later learn from Dagmar this was called a Mudtiger and it was probably a young one. Rakham quickly dropped his bear trap in front of him as the lizard rushed forward and attacked. The trap snapped onto one of its legs. The Mudtiger snapped at Rakham as he tried to hammer a metal stake between the cobble stones with his sword that would keep the lizard in place. As the party attacked the beast the two strange lumps along its neck pulsed and an electrical blast surged from its body. Rakam and Adda were both caught in the blast but only Rakham was hurt badly. Rakam’s sword stuck firmly to the metal stake he had been driving into the ground as he pulled his hand away. Rakham’s experience as a hunter and warrior took over, his adrenaline surged and he found a burst of energy, a second wind, to retreat back towards the Well despite his injuries. As he did the Mudtiger jaws clamped around his leg tearing his flesh and badly injuring his leg. Adda continued her attack on the creature, joined by Kosef and ranged attacks from Loru. The Mudtiger snapped at Adda again but a mighty blow from her sword dropped it to the ground and it struggled no more.

The plaza once again fell silent. After examining the body of the Mudtiger Kosef and Loru began cutting scales off the creature. A sound from the Well caught the groups attention and they turned to see a creature peering over the edge of the Well watching them. It quickly ducked out of view and when they raced to the Well it was gone. Loru moved towards the street which led back to the Weeping hill and waited for the rest of the group to finish butchering the Mudtiger. Rakham, Kosef and Adda heard the sound of something drop onto the cobble stone and noticed Loru was no longer in sight. Kosef and Adda rushed to the street as two daggers flow past them from a building on the left. Adda turned down the street to see Loru being choked and dragged away from the plaza. As Kosef and Adda attacked the creature it released Loru retreated into the darkness of a ruined building. Rakham, now alone at the body of the Mudtiger heard a slight sound behind him and turned to see another of these creatures approaching him from behind. Rakham turned to face his attacker but twice its swords slipped past his defenses and he fell into darkness. As the rest of the group rushed back into the plaza they saw this creature hunched over Rakham, seeing them it grabbed Rakham’s bag and retreated. The party quickly picked up Rakham and fled back to The Helping Hand. The door was barred but after a few loud bangs Dagmar appeared to let them and secured the door behind them.

After tending to Rakham’s wounds everyone put in for the night. The next morning Loru went to The Merchant’s Friend and found his brother. Adda went to the temple of Nian and trained. Loru and Garfin returned to the inn and made plans to go to the island in the lake.

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