We leave the winery with a cart and one of the cleansed barrels and head for Kresk. Not long into our journey we come to a T in the road and stop as Mondross hears voices up ahead. Mondross sneaks through the trees and stops as he comes upon a human who appears to be sneaking toward us. The man confronts Mondross, who says we are entertainers. Corrina sneaks into the treeline as Elgian starts juggling. The man identifies himself as Anton, says his group is out trapping. They notice the wine and suggest we drink it with dinner together. When Olana says that we can’t give them the wine they imply that they will eat us and transform into werewolves.

Within seconds both Corrina and Elgian are bitten. Mondross hums a discordant tune causing one of the wolves to scream in pain. Ada shoots at a wolf and Elgian stabs at it with silvered arrows. Olana hurls magic missiles at the same. Corrina casts Thunderwave, knowcking two wolves back, before hiding in the treeline. In short order both Mondross and Elmer are bitten. There is a great deal of rather undignified attempts at fighting until the wolves eventually run off. Elmer casts a much needed prayer of healing and we continue on our way.

We eventually cross an old stone bridge into another forested area and come upon a town on a mountainside. We reach the gatehouse where four guards tell us that no one may enter Kresk. Corrina explains Ireena’s situation and the guards bring forward Dmitrit Kreskoff who demands an explanation for our presence. Corrina explains again, this time making particular note of our wine shipment. Dmitri allows us entry in exchange for the wine.

Once inside Kresk Ireena begins to walk up the road without us. She says she hears someone calling to her, that they sound strangely familiar. She leads us to a shimmering pool with a gazebo and a statue of the Morning Lord nearby. As she approaches the pool the image of a handsome youth appears in the water, his face filled with joy. He calls out for Tatiana and Ireena responds, calling him Sergei. They run through a brief bit of exposition, stating that they were married and that Sergei was a prince and a man of faith. Ireena reaches for the image and a hand reaches out of the water toward her.

Panicking, Corrina and Ada pull her away from the water as a dark peal of thunder rings out and a voice calls, “She is mine” before lighting strikes the water. We see a dark horse with hooves of flame and a familiar rider flying toward us.

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