As the druid in the doorway chants, grass and roots begin to rise up, trapping Mondross and Elgian. Blights burst out onto the veranda, but Olana casts Shatter, destroying twelve of them and hitting the druid. Elmer casts Fireball, killing the druid, the rest of the blights near the veranda and setting the blight debris alight. The entire veranda is engulfed in flames.

Corrina runs up to the loading dock and shoots at the remaining shrubs before hiding behind a barrel. Elgian rushes to the loading dock and begins climbing up the rope hanging down from the loading crane, heading toward a hole in the ceiling. As Elgian comes up to the room above the loading dock he sees another druid.

Back by the veranda, shrubs from the fields launch thorns from all sides, hitting Mondross and Ada. From her hiding place on the loading dock Corrina hears a sound similar to brush blowing in the wind coming from a nearby door. Above, Elgian’s druid runs out of the room. Mondross casts sleep at a cluster of blights, causing three of them to root into the ground, motionless. Olana runs toward the loading dock, destroying another shrub with firebolt.

Elmer walks toward the field shrubs in as stately a manner as possible, loudly witnessing to them as he channels divinity, destroying twelve. Ada cuts one of the remaining blights in half before being struck by another, then runs to the loading dock. In the room above the loading dock, Elgian runs after the druid, following him down a spiral ramp. At the bottom of the ramp he sees an open door on the left, past which there is yet another druid, several more blights, and two vine monsters. Elgian wildly stabs at one of the druids and trips him before being riddled with thorns.

Outside, Elmer, Olana, and Mondross are all hit with thorns. Mondross heals himself before finding a new hiding spot under the walkway. Olana runs up to the door by the loading dock and sees the scene with Elgian. Elmer casts burning hands on the remaining exterior blights, destroying two and setting the third ablaze. Ada runs up alongside Olana and hits the standing druid with an arrow. Elgian stabs and trips the other druid. The druid stands and hits Elgian lightly with his staff. As the staff makes contact it starts to bleed slightly and Elgian feels his life force drain. The druid’s wounds heal.

Modross strikes up through the floorboards of the walkway, causing a blight to collapse. Elmer destroys the remaining field blight with his mace. Corrina climbs the rope, entering the room above the loading dock, then follows Elgian’s path down the ramp. Ada stabs the druid with the Sun Sword and he collapses. Elgian grabs the fallen druid’s staff, hits one of the plant monsters, and feels a sudden surge of energy. His eyes then go wide with fear, he drops the staff and runs off.

A blight strikes Ada with thorns as vines grab at her face and drag her to the ground. Outside, Elmer hears a door open behind him, revealing another druid who hits him with a thunderwave. Mondross makes his way up to the loading dock door and kills a blight with his rapier. Olana casts shatter into the room, injuring several monsters but also hitting Corrina, who collapses. Elmer strikes his druid with his mace.

Elgian continues to run.

The vine creature lets go of Ada and tries to grab Mondross, who avoids its grasp. Mondross picks up the Sun Sword and attacks a blight, destroying it. He then stabs the vine creature with his rapier, killing it.

Elgian keeps running.

Outside, a flock of ravens burst out of the open door and attack the druid fighting Elmer, killing him. Elmer takes a moment to mock the druid’s life decisions. Ireena rushes through loading dock door and stabilizes Ada as Mondross heals himself. Olana casts ray of sickness on the remaining vine creature and it withers and melts into an ooze on the floor. Elmer destroys a blight with sacred flame as Mondross slices through another with the Sun Sword. The area seems clear of enemies.

Elgian runs.

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