As we make out way out of Argynvostholt’s backmost tower we notice that the door leading out onto the roof has been closed behind us. We throw the beam which would have been used to lock the door off over the roof. We make our way to the last unexplored portion of the mansion on the third floor. We open the door onto a spacious chamber containing a large table, around which are six chairs. In five of the chairs are skeletal figures who ask, “Why do the living disturb the dead?”

Corrina steps forward and asks how we can help them, to which they reply that we cannot. They say they await commands from their leader, Vladmir Horngrad (who we assume to be the gaunt figure with the broadsword) and that if we truly wish to help them that we will first hep the restless spirit of Argynvost. They say the battle took place in the valley below but they don’t know if the bones would still be there. They also ell us that Strahd was not a vampire when they fought him. When Strahd became a vampire they rose from the dead to fight him.

As we talk to Sir Godfried Gwilyn, Olana notices that there is a shield-shaped patch above the mantle. She asks about it, but Sir Gwilyn says that he had not noticed it was gone. We are given permission to check the next room over, it is a bedroom with a stuffed bear and direwolf. We thank the seated figures for their time and leave. Ireena gets the impression that its impossible for spirits to leave Barovia.

We decide to make out way to the Wizard of Wines. On our way we come across the same broken signpost from before. This time we head in the direction marked “Kresk”. As we walk we notice a leather wrapped bundle buried under some leaves. We investigate to find it packed with a set of clothes and we put it back as it was. Ada finds a black feather under a leaf nearby and pockets it. It occurs to Corrina that the ravens she spoke to in Villaki seemed much more intelligent than the ravens in the tower.

We come upon a trail veering off the main road, horse and wagon tracks traveling down it. There are also several large wolf tracks going in both directions down the trail. Olana makes us a magic hut to rest in which comes out in the shape of a mausoleum. Inside are several crypts, each marked with one of our names. Elmer notices that Olana’s spellbook looks oddly like a necronomicon and is bleeding slightly before crawling into the cubby marked with his name.

As we rest we notice that Elmer’s shadow is moving on its own, coming up out of the cubby and peering at us. When we notice it it quickly returns to its rightful spot. This happens a few more times before it finally comes up and reaches for Elmer’s throat. Corrina startles it and it returns to normal.

Leaving the mausoleum, we continue down the main road, eventually coming upon a signpost. We head in the direction marked Wizard of Wines. On the way we notice a tattered yellow flag caught in a tree. Olana recognizes it as a merchant flag from a ship outside of Barovia. Elgian wears it as a cape.

We eventually come upon a huge vineyard and see a man in a dark cloak and cowl. He motions for us to be quiet as we approach and he asks who we are. We say we met Myrel Vinsha in Berez and that we know the Martikov’s from Villaki (for whom he shows some disdain). He leads us into the forest, out of view of the building by the vineyard and says he is Davian Martikov, the owner of the vineyard. He says the building was overrun by four or five evil druids and their blights. He speculates that the want to stop him from making wine as it is one of the few joys available to the people of Barovia.

We decide to investigate before continuing forward. Elmer uses a scroll to turn Ada invisible and she follows Corrina who stealths ahead to the vineyard. Once they are about 100 feet away from the group five plant creatures move out from a row in the vineyard and fling thorns at Corrina, who collapses.

The rest of the group rushes forward, Elmer hitting the creatures with fireball, destroying them. Ada stabilizes Corrina, who wakes. Mondross heals Corrina as twenty-five more plant creatures approach the group. Corrina hurls a firebolt at a cluster of creatures and Olana cast shatter on another before the entirety of the group rushes towards the side of the building. Once closer to the building we can see the loading dock which contains three large wooden tubs, a set of sliding doors and a smaller door. The sliding doors open to reveal a crazed looking druid and a room full of small woody shrub like  blights.

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