We begin in a thoroughly plundered kitchen, the windows on the side of a large hearth look out onto a graveyard. We proceed to the next room (separated from the kitchen with a curtain rather than a door) which is round and looks to be part of one of the towers. It has also been ransacked. Half a dozen broken beds and other pieces of furniture are strewn about the floor. From here we exit into a stairwell headed downward. Past the stairwell on the right there is a locked gate which leads to the outside. Another set of stairs lead up the opposite side of the stairwell leading to another door which looks to go into the other tower. Corrina picks the lock on the gate to open up a means of escape should we need one. Ismark pockets the padlock and we hide the chain outside.

Heading up the stairs and into the next room, we find a neglected parlor, also circular. Inside there is a lovely mural depicting a silver dragon and several colorful birds. The next room over contains a black sarcophagus with a queen’s effigy carved into it. As we enter the room, flame erupts from the fireplace, taking the shape of a dragon. It says, “My knights have fallen into darkness. Save them if you can. Show them the light they have lost!” and disappears.

Elgian readies the Sword (previously referred to as the hilt) as we approach the sarcophagus. After much discussion we decide to open it. It’s a mini bar.

We exit back into the main room of the first floor and decide to make our way upstairs. On the second floor balcony weapons and shields line the walls and there is an abundance of knight imagery. The hallway to the right leads to an alcove behind a curtain. It looks out over the cemetery. Elgian notices some of the graves appear to had been dug up.

From there we go through a door to the east which exits onto a balcony overlooking a chapel. There is an intricately carved throne on the balcony, but not much else, and we decide to take the spiral stairs down to the first floor of the chapel. On the first floor we see an altar carved with the image of a rising sun, stained glass windows (one of which has been shattered, allowing fog to seep into the room), and three figures kneeling in prayer. They wear armor and appear to be dead.

Ismark attempts to stealthily unsheathe his sword, but the figures take notice and charge us. Corrina casts thunderwave, which has little effect on the soldiers but does damage the balcony. Elgian pulls out the Sword which flares out, filling the room with light. The sun on the altar begins to glow. Ada runs across the room to examine the altar but notices nothing of value.

Elgian slashes at the undead soldiers, noticing that the Sword seems to burn them. The soldiers move with unnatural speed and strength, knocking Elgian to the ground causing him to drop the Sword. All their wounds except the creature who had been struck by the sword begin to heal immediately.

Ismark picks up the Sword and throws it to Ada. Ireena defends Elgian as he lies on the floor bleeding. Elmer casts burning hands and notices that his spell feels stronger than ever before simply by being in the chapel. The damage inflicted on the soldiers by the fire seems to delay the creatures healing of other damage from swords and arrows.

Holding the Sword, Ada feels an intense need to take action and rushes the soldier standing over Elgian. Elmer channels divinity, bringing radiant light into the area, this seems to damage the creatures slightly and stop their healing temporarily but has little damaging effect overall. Elgian gets up and tries to distract the soldiers by jumping around. Ada slashes at another soldier and runs back to the altar with the Sword.

Mondross casts bane on the soldiers. The soldiers strike back and Mondross falls to the floor, unconscious. On of the soldiers stabs himself in the leg. Elmer heals Mondross.

Over at the altar, Ada notices no change in the rising sun symbol even when it touches the Sword directly. She rushes back to the soldiers. The soldiers strike Mondross and Ismark, both of whom fall unconscious.

Elmer casts burning hands again, this time killing one of the undead soldiers. A misty form rises from the charred remains, eyes glowing an angry red. Shortly thereafter Elgian and Ada kill another of the soldiers and a similar misty form follows.

After a long time defending herself flawlessly, Ireena is finally struck by one of the soldiers, she resorts by stabbing the creature with her long sword. Corrina heals Mondross. Ada heals Ismark and gives him the Sword. The remaining soldier strikes Ireena then Elgian, both of whom fall unconscious. Ismark slashes at the soldier but misses and gives the Sword back the Ada. Mondras heals Elgian and Ireena wakes up on her own.

The soldier strikes at Ada and she collapses, dropping the Sword. The soldier picks up the Sword and pauses. For a moment he appears as a knight standing tall in shining armor but the illusion lasts but an instant. Elmer casts sacred flame and the soldier doesn’t even try to avoid the attack. The soldier turns to us and says, “Kill me.” Corrina shoots him with her bow and he collapses, dropping the Sword. A similar mist rises from the remains.

Elmer begins to heal the group.

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