We start off with in Vallaki’s town square with Izek, having recognized Ireena, heading toward us. After a brief tussle (during which we learn that Izek can shoot fire from his demonic arm) and a chase through town, the group manages to escape to the Vistani camp outside of town. We make our way to Kazamir’s house with the intention of heading to the amber temple after a night’s rest, but Kazamir concerns about how to pass the gate blocked with an energy field and guarded by two demons we decide that we are not ready for the challenge. He says we are welcome to spend the night regardless and that he will be ready to make the trip whenever we decide that we are.

In the middle of the night Corrina notices a bat on the wall and tries to start a conversation with it. As soon as she speaks to the bat it turns into Strahd, who immediately begins enchanting Ireena. Elmer attempts to break Strahd’s focus while Ismark and Corrina try to physically restrain Ireena. Strahd finally leaves when Elgian threatens Ireena’s life with both hands but not till after Strahd put Corrina to sleep and showed disappointment in Elmers willingness to give up Ireena. He also moved with shocking speed to attempt to stop Elgian from hurting Ireena. The rest of the night passes without incident.

The next morning the group decides to look for the Master of the Marsh and head toward one of the marshes we know of in the area. We eventually come to a crossroads with a broken signpost and notice a giant wolf watching us from the forest. We right the signpost and head in the direction marked “Berez”.

Eventually we come upon a near-perfect circle of moss covered stones, a peasant woman (Muriel Vinshaw) hiding among them. She motions for us to join her, and we do. She tells us of Baba Lysaga and her murderous scarecrows (who were sent to attack the Wizard of Wines) and says that she lives in the ruins nearby. We stealth sround the south of the ruined village of Berez and to the ruined mansion. As we approach a fog forms up into a ghastly, mutilated man. He whispers, “Why do you invade my home? Begone, I beseech you.”

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