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Free Monsters on the DMsguild

My first self-published product, several free (pay what you want) monsters for 5e. Please download it for free and leave me a review or comments of other creatures you would like to see!

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Spellcasting in D&D next

D&D Next (as of the last playtest packet) changed spellcasting from previous versions of the D&D. Spellcasting works basically the same for all spellcasting classes with a few exceptions which I will make note of. Cantrips work a little differently … Continue reading

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Style of play – Theater of the Mind

I just sent this to my players in an effort to challenge them and improve my game, tell me what you think: I like to run my games in what I have heard called a “Theater of the mind” style. … Continue reading

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How unlimted spell casting makes wizards less fun

This post goes into details about Wizards or Magic-Users but it also applies to any other spell casters as the changes through editions have been similar. One of the changes in the more modern versions of D&D has been to … Continue reading

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D&D Next Nov 13th playtest packet

Just downloaded and started looking over the d&d next 11-13-12 release packet.  Looks like some interesting changes including standardizing maneuvers across multiple classes, not just fighters (now monks and rogues too).  The XP scale changed again.  Its going to be … Continue reading

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