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House rules

Here are some of the house rules I normally use in my games with some additions for my newest one. I am going to try to explain them without using the 5e rules as a base so they will still … Continue reading

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Dusk at the Blood of the Vine tavern brings good tidings and good times to all. Elgian and Ada return from stalking the old crone and her dream pastries. Elgian suddenly and excitedly exclaims, “by Yondalla’s ample bosom, I’m a … Continue reading

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Style of play – Theater of the Mind

I just sent this to my players in an effort to challenge them and improve my game, tell me what you think: I like to run my games in what I have heard called a “Theater of the mind” style. … Continue reading

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I just got the map working again on the front page, It is still really rough, mostly just testing the map concepts EO and I have been working on. Hopefully I will have some time to clean it up … Continue reading

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